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IWK Transfer Press PStua 40/8/120/160

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IWK Transfer Press PStua 40/8/120/160 DescriptionIWK Transfer Press PStua 40/8/120/160 DescriptionDescription
Transfer Press Included: Transfer Press, Soundproof box (4m x 4,5m, h=3,5m), Decoiler.
Total press power:   40 tons
Total drawing pressure:   20 tons
Stroke:   160 mm
Strokes per minute:   40-60
Number of tools:   8
Distance between tool centers:   120mm
Daylight between upper table face and gripper head:   575mm
Height of conveyance level above table:   200mm
Height of strip feed above tool saddle:   58 mm
Total gripper opening:   80mm
Gripper head adjustment:   32mm
Maximum blank diameter, one piece punching:   115mm
Maximum blank diameter, zig-zag punching:   100mm
minimum blank diameter:   27mm
Sheet thickness according to blank diameter:   0,2-1 mm
Power consumption   11kW
Drawing depth:   55 mm
Net weight, approx   9680kg
Item Id #   387
Manufacturer   IWK
Model / Type   Transfer Press PStua 40/8/120/160
Year of manufacture   1962
Machine available from   immediately
Machine condition   in working order
Machine location   05-462 Wiązowna, Poland
Delivery terms   EXW Wiązowna, Poland
Payment terms   100% payment prior to collection