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Frequently Asked Questions

We have prepare list of frequently asked questions and answers to help you to participate on MachineSpot®.

If you have any further questions, please contact us on phone +386 2 292 76 99 or email us at

Online auctions are conducted via the Internet. In fact, online auctions are conducted using the principle of public auctions, except that the auctioneer is not physically present at the auction. This is how bidders and auctioneers perform here as well.
The advantage of online auctions is that potential auctioneers from different locations and geographies can participate.
Registration is required to participate in the online auction. Without it, participation in the online auction is not possible.
All information about each auction is known in advance. For the duration of the auction, the auctioneer may bid the amount, which must always be higher than the bid previously submitted. By submitting a bid of a certain amount, the bidder is bound to the bid submitted until a higher bid is given. The one who bid the highest amount at the end of the auction wins. This amount is settled at the end of the auction on the basis of the received proforma invoice or invoice.
Every company can participate on the MachineSpot® online auctions. The only require for participating in the MachineSpot® website is that you are a registered user and that you accept the General Terms and Conditions.

For more information on the procedure click here.
If you are interested in the auctioned machines and would like to bid, please register first. Registration is completely free.
No, there are no other costs. MachineSpot® is the only online auction house without auction fee.
Prices are without VAT (nett prices are written).
The costs of dismantling and loading are calculated separately (based on the specific product, location, etc.).
At the time of the auction (maybe several weeks) you probably will not be by your computer all the time and checking what is happening. Therefore we provide you a personal assistant. It takes the bids for you in your absence. You set your personal maximum bid and the assistant will do the rest. If your current offer is exceeded, then the assistant will offer within your price range.
For this article we have stored a reserve price (this is not the minimum price, that is required). If this price is not met within the auction, bids are accepted under reservation.
When the auction ends, the seller is informed about the highest bid and he may decide to sell the article at this price or not. MachineSpot® informs the highest bidder as potential buyer within 2 working days after the end of the auction, in case that the seller agree with the price. Up to that point the customer is bound to his given bid.
The starting price is the starting price at which the auction begins. The amount is then increased with each subsequent bid submitted.
The net worth does not include the cost of duties and all other costs of services arising from the sale and acquisition.
In this case, the starting price is not fixed. Unless otherwise noted, offers are sent to the MachineSpot® portal email address. The offer is accessible to all.
This is the amount that the auctioneer has to pay on the basis of the proforma invoice received. After paying the full amount, the machine or equipment may be taken over.
No. The advantage of MachineSpot® is that the bail is not required to participate in the online auction.
Yes, if you are registered user on our site, you can participate in all active online auctions that are on the MachineSpot® page.
An inspection is possible for each machine and equipment. Dates and locations are published on at each auction. You only need to confirm your inspection on e-mail.
The identity of every user is secret and not shown to anyone. The same is with information of the number of participants in the auctions, so the auction takes place in every case, even if you are the only participant.
If you are the highest bidder at the end of the auction, you will receive a payment confirmation on email. You must pay this amount within five (5) days from the end of the online auction. In case of non-payment, a contractual penalty will be charged to you (as stated in the General Terms and Conditions).
Unfortunately some machines cannot be properly tested or seen in working order. In such cases some information cannot be provided. In this case this is also written next to each machine.
The date for picking up the machine is given in the information by each auction.
You can register very easily. In the main menu please select the option "Register".
MachineSpot® Register MachineSpot® Register
There will open the window where you have to enter your personal datas:
MachineSpot® Register
After you enterd all datas you will recieve on your e-mail confirmation link that you have to submit. After that you are an active member of MachineSpot®.
Registration is completely free of charge.
With registration you also submit to recieve news about active auctions, new products, news etc.
In case of trouble with registering at our webpage, please contact our support team that will help you. You can reach us at the phone number +386 (0)2 292 76 99 or write us an email:
You can contact us and send us all the information, photos and the price of the machine or equipment on e-mail that you want to sell. Or you can do it by yourself in three easy steps. All you have to do is fill out the forms under the "Sales" tab on our website.

1. Step – Seller info

MachineSpot® Sell Step 1

2. Step – Machine info

MachineSpot® Sell Step 2

3. Step – Photos, videos and attachments

MachineSpot® Sell Step 3
After successfully entering the datas, we will arrange all formalities and prepare the business contract.

MachineSpot® also acts as mediator by the sale of new machines. We have representation for various companies with which we do great cooperation.

The business opening is ment for the exchange of services, industrial line (if you have some free capacity in some term and would like to fullfill them) between companies. Maybe there is company that will need some more capacity for their business and therefore you can find a solution for cooperation.
MachineSpot® also offers advertising for your business or company. This service is payable. For more information please contact us at we will be happy to find the right solution for you.
Of course. MachineSpot® can also publish current news that you would like to publish or if you want to promote your business. Please contact us for more informations
We offer you all services about online auctions, online sales of your product, customer search, as well as dismantling and loading of all products. It is also possible to advertise your business on our site, as well as there is possibility of advertise some business opportunities, if you have free industrial capacities etc.