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S/N: G/065 109-01

The smallest effective area of die acting on the slide/bed: 2870 x 2050 mm

Drive on the press crown/below floor level: x/-

Safety guard right/left: x/x

Light curtain front/rear: x/x

Operating voltage three-phase current: 380 V

Control voltage A.C. : 220 V

Valve voltage D.C. : 24V

Frequency: 60Hz

Additional equipment:

Thermostatic control of the oil cooling.

Continuously slide locking (SITEMA).

Light panel "locked/unlocked".

1 mobile two-hand control panel.

Roller shutter at the right and left side of the press, movable by motor, secured by limit switches (refer to the documentation of the company BSAutomatisierung).

Light curtain front and rear with protection device against  reaching below into danger, protection height 1800 mm and 900mm.

Parallelism control for slide.

Die space lighting.

Die clamping consisting of 10 sliding clamps for the slide, clamping capacity 100 kN each 1 pump unit.

1 movable bolster to be moved outside at the right side of the press, equipped with its own drive. Die weight for the moving bolster amounts to a maximum of 50 to.

Weight   approx: 435000 kg
Total press capacity:   50000 KN
Slide stroke:   1000 mm
Daylight bed - slide up:   2100 mm
Slide area (width x depth):   3500 x 2500 mm
Clear distance between the uprights (left - right)   3180 mm
Clear distance between the uprights (front - rear)   2550 mm
Bed area (width x depth):   3500 x 2500 mm
Die base area (width x depth):   3500 x 2500 mm
Power rating:   3 x 250 kW
Pump rating:   l/min.,U/min. 3 x 1400/1450
Slide speed  
Slide rapid downstroke:   450 mm/s
Working speed:   50 mm/s
Return speed:   450 mm/s
Moving bolster:   1 pieces
Speed of travel:   12 m/min
Total lenght of travel:   7300 mm
Total oil quantity:   approx. 18500 l
Oil quantity initial filling:   approx: 20600 l
Item Id #   73
Manufacturer   SCHULER
Model / Type   HH - 5000 - 3.5 X 2.5
Year of manufacture   2012
Machine available from   immediately
Machine condition   in working order
Machine location   200070 Shanghai, China