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Horizontal micro-elements mill type SUPERMILL EHP -50

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Horizontal micro-elements mill type SUPERMILL EHP -50 DescriptionHorizontal micro-elements mill type SUPERMILL EHP -50 DescriptionDescription

Price / 1 unit: 39.200 Euro 
Price / 2 unit: 72.800 Euro
Price / 3 unit: 99.000 Euro

The SUPERMILL EHP-50 micro-element grinding mill is suitable for application in the production of paints, inks and other products for the chemical industry, where the conditions of technology and production process require wet-grinding (breakdown of particles) of the material to be processed, to the particles of per-established fineness of the finished product.
SUPERMILL EHP-50 mills refer to the cylindrical type stirring appliances, with horizontal, closed cylindrical grinding shell suitable for working with medium or very high viscosity suspensions, provided they can be pump-conveyed to supply the machine.

Avaliable 3 units. Possibility to buy them separetely or all 3 together - Special price in case of buying all 3 pcs.

Dimensions   2060 (l) x 1110 (w) x 1430 (h)
Weight   app 950 kg
Shell flow   51 l
Pump flow   0-923 l/h
Main motor   36 kw
Pomp motor:   0,75 kw
Peripherical speed:   10 & 15 m/sec
Noise level:   < 72 dB
Item Id #   381
Manufacturer   Oliver Y Batlle Spain
Model / Type   SUPERMILL EHP -50
Year of manufacture   2002
Machine available from   immediately
Machine condition   good
Machine location   607305 Bacau, Romania
Delivery terms   EXW Bacau, Romania
Payment terms   100% payment prior to collection