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Incomplete line!

- weight 3250 kg, Ø1500x12 mm
- capacity of 25,6 tones production/day
- the payload of a production batch is 3.200 l with a time of production estimated at 3 hours.
The biodiesel manufacturing line is equipped with a 4.000 l capacity reactor, made of bimetal (outer material) and V2A (interior material).
The reactor is heated by three electric induction coils and controlled via an automatic control panel.
The dosing system is provided with multiple-head pumps that can use eight types of solvents, oils or other liquids.
Due to the fact that the manufacturing line can reach 270 oC, other type of products can be produced.

-      4000 L reactor with 3 induction coils, which is constructed from an outer shell of bimetal (galvanized sheet steel) and an interior shell made out of V2A (stainless steel).
-      Electric motor and reduction gears
-      Stirrer
-      Inner serpentines
-      Induction heating system - 3 induction coils;
-      800 liter solvent storage tray, made of OL37;
-      2 Oliver & Batlle dispensers for oil or solvent;
-      1 reactor vessel dispenser;
-      1  carbon-steel Vertical condenser/heat exchanger for cooling provided with cooling jacket;
-      1  carbon-steel oblical condenser/heat exchanger for cooling provided with internal pipes;
-      1  Anti-sublimation with gas washer;
-      1  Florentine battery (3 pieces, capacity 60L each);
-      1  Vacuum pump (to supply the reactor in the barrel, checking the reactor tightness, role of acidification during manufacture);
-      1  Gear pump for resin Withdrawal
-      1  Electrical panel and automation for conducting the technological process in the synthesis reactor. 

Item Id #   229
Manufacturer   Uton Onești, Oliver y Batlle Spain
Year of manufacture   2002
Machine available from   immediately
Machine condition   good
Machine location   607305 Măgura, Bacău, Romania
Delivery terms   EXW Bacău, Romania
Payment terms   100% payment prior to collection